Thursday, May 18, 2017

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Terrible French Doll

  Terrible French Doll

In France there is a terrible legend, somewhere in France there is a castle inside a wealthy couple, the couple gave birth to a very cute baby, in order to celebrate the birth of the baby they invited a carpenter to do A French doll. But with the arrival of the French doll, the baby died for no reason, the relationship between the couple so discord. One day the husband inadvertently knocked over the candle, the people inside the castle all died in this fire. A man in a modern China has a similar situation, a man on the way home to see a man not to dolls, the doll with the new, he brought the doll back home. His daughter liked the doll, he took the baby home after the unfortunate thing happened, his son gave birth to a serious illness died. His daughter fell from the second floor down dead. He lost his wife to kill, and then he picked up a knife committed suicide. After as long as there is a place where the French dolls have died.


在法国有一个可怕的传说, 法国的某个地方有一座城堡里面住着一对有钱的夫妇, 这对夫妇生了一个很可爱的宝宝,为了庆祝这个宝宝的出生他们请了一个木匠做了一个法国娃娃。可是这个随法国娃娃的到来,宝宝无缘无故病死, 夫妻俩之间的关系因此不和。 有一天丈夫无意间打翻了蜡烛, 这座城堡里面的人全都在这在大火中死去。 在现代的中国有一个人发生了类似的情况, 有一个人在回家的路上看到一个被人不要娃娃, 这个娃娃跟新的一样, 他把这个娃娃带回了家。 他女儿很喜欢这个娃娃, 他把娃娃带回家后不幸的事情发生了,他的儿子生了很重的病去世了。 他的女儿从二楼掉了下来死了。 他失手把他的妻子杀死, 然后他拿起了一个小刀自杀身亡。 之后只要有这个法国娃娃的地方就有死亡。

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My book setting

                                                                              Bone                                     Ziren Su
                                                                     Eye of  the storm                            8/29/16

         In the forest, the bone is on the tree reading the book. A girl sit on the grass. A mouse get the

food eat. In the night, the girl is  dream, her dream her in childhood. Her look a weirdo. old house, the

girl and bone in a old house, the a old woman go the inside. Her Look the girl.